Episode 15: Just Another Podcast Goes to the Movies

August 26, 2020

We welcome Josh Moulton of Queen City Cinema Club back to the podcast for another episode. In the kick-off episode of season 2, we talk movies.

Josh owns one of the most unique places in the Greater Bangor Area and has been doing an upgrade during his shutdown due to COVID-19. So naturally he updated us a bit on his progress and what to expect.

After a quick update, Josh and Justin talk about the weird world we live in where new movies have basically not come out. Those movies that are coming out in the near future are either on limited theater release, streaming or going straight to on-demand.

Justin and Josh talked about the future of movies and what we can expect or guess we can expect to come. Additionally, the two touch on Marvel and DC films and what makes them better than the other.

If you enjoy movies, this is an episode for you.

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