Episode 17: Javier Roche – Jabi Marketing

September 09, 2020

Every week it seems like Justin talks to “one of his friends” and it’s true, but this week is a little different. Justin welcome’s Javier Roche, founder and owner of Jabi Marketing. Javier is a long-time friend and former co-worker of Justin.

Javier and Justin became friends when the two worked together at Free Christian Church in Andover, Massachusetts back in 2011. After working together for many years, Justin moved to Bangor, Maine. Javier stayed at FCC until branching out on his own to do marketing full-time.

Although the two have lost touch a bit, they always reconnect when something comes up, most of the time it is Boston Celtics related. Hence the Celtic’s talk that happened on the episode. PLENTY of Celtics talk.

Marketing is and was a big part of Justin’s life for many years (10+ in total), this is another thing the two bonded over. The two talk the importance of marketing your brand correctly, some do’s and don’t’s as well as some tips on how to make you brand more noticeable.

Additionally, Jabi and Justin touch on what Javier does to help his wife, Gigi, and her online business Real Fab Moms.

Follow Javier on Instagram or visit jabimarketing.com.



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