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Episode 1: Josh Moulton – Queen City Cinema Club

May 13, 2020

In our first episode as a real podcast, I welcome Josh Moulton to the show. Josh is the owner of Queen City Cinema Club in Bangor, Maine and a good friend of mine.

Josh and I met back in 2017 while he was still working at Blaze Wood Fired Pizza downtown Bangor. He was a bartender, and I was a regular on the other side of the bar. We talked many days about what his plans were and how badly he wanted to accomplish them.

I hassled Josh over and over again to see when his place would finally open, even after it finally opened. All this was because I was so happy he was accomplishing his goals and I couldn’t wait for it to open.

Queen City Cinema Club is one of a kind in the Greater Bangor Area. Rent a theater to watch a movie, play board games and have a beer, or even play vintage video games in the gaming area. It has a lot to offer packed into a small footprint. He offers a lot of variety of craft beer, craft cocktails and wine, plus a small snack food menu.

During the podcast Josh and I touch on his dream of opening his own spot and what the future has in store for him. His new improvements that will be ready when he re-opens will be worth the stop in, for sure.

You can follow Queen City Cinema Club on Facebook, instagram and visit them on their website. Be sure to give them a follow and check out the details of re-opening in the future.

Also, after the COVID restrictions allow Josh to open back up, please visit Queen City Cinema Club at 128B Main St, Bangor, Maine.



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