Episode 12: Reboot of the Return of Josh Moulton – Part II, The Sequel

July 22, 2020

Josh Moulton returned for another episode of the podcast. Justin and Josh touched a bit on Queen City Cinema Club, as well as the effects of COVID-19 on his business and the future. However, most of the episode was talking about movies.

Movies are part of our lives, but they are more than that for Josh. During normal times, Moulton owns and operates QCCC, a theater and video game bar in Downtown Bangor. So, movies was a natural subject to get lost talking about.

Josh loves some originality in his films, but it doesn’t have to be 100% original, just something that makes the movie the creator’s own. I have to tend to agree.

The two dive a little into the idea of binge-watching tv shows on streaming services versus the weekly release of the past. Netflix has mainly stuck with the release all-at-once model, while Hulu and Disney+ have decided to do some shows released weekly. Which is better? Are we losing some of the anticipation of the next episode?

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